We, in the ministry...


    ...take the words: coffee and quality very seriously. We only serve 100 % Arabic coffee that we acquire directly from the growers (direct trade), which is roasted, in what we consider, the best way and delivered in the shortest time possible after roasting.  Then, it is brewed in the highest quality espresso machine (La Marzocco) and finally, most importantly,  it is served by the best baristas in Poland and abroad (our main barista is 16th in the world). 


     Our sole provider of the coffee is KOPPI, a Swedish roaster founded in turn, by the best baristas in Sweden. They deliver to us, only available at the Ministry of Coffee in Poland, blend of 3  fine Arabicas: LA LIA - COSTA RICA, BIFTU GUDINA - ETHIOPIA, SAQUAREMA - BRAZIL. From this blend, a remarkable espresso arises with a distinct bitterness and sweetness. KOPPI provides us also with a homogeneous Arabicas for DRIP and AEROPRESS (to see the whole range please refer to our current drip menu).

    We invite all lovers of espressos, espresso-based coffees and coffees brewed by drip and aeropress to taste our Arabicas:)

You will find us on 27/35 Marszalkowska street. Just behind the Plac Zbawiciela by the Church.


    For balance we also have a pressed fruit and vegetable juices,  fresh fruit smoothies, selection of premium Kusmi loose tea, homemade sandwiches,  tarts and cakes made with the best quality ingredients. Just come to the Ministry and try it yourself.


PS. For the connoisseurs we have Cascara, a tea from coffee fruits, and even… grain coffee. 


Ministry of Coffee operates from Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm,

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm.

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+48 503 080 906